IPaintCreatures :: Creating Fantastical Creatures From Imagination using Ink and Watercolour

  • by Ania Marcos

IPC will do an interactive demonstration on how to create your own original fantastical character from your imagination.

He will show his process of conception from the imagination by showing how he conceptualizes story ideas into original fantastical creature/character.

How he has taken creature character development processes from his experience working for Lucasfilms to being an independent visual storyteller producing storybooks and animated films.

He will present and talk about how he fuses modern day mythology and how he translates it into his drawing and painting process bringing forth an appealing original fantastical creature/character ready to be used in his epic story called Matsu.

Thus Providing an educational, entertaining, inspiring experience that will empower you to create from your imagination and beyond.

Topics Covered:

  • Brush pens Vs fine tips;
  • Working with pens on top of a pencil sketch;
  • What are and how to use RGB vs CMYK colours;
  • Waterbrush techniques: lifting and wet on wet.

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