Paul Kelley :: Urban Sketching: Understanding Values with Ink & Watercolours

  • by Ania Marcos

Have you ever added colour to a drawing only to find that the piece makes no sense at all?

Do you struggle with placing your values?

Have you always wanted to draw with pens but lack the courage to leave your pencils behind?

Let's tackle all that!

Join Paul Kelley in a free Live Demo as he shows you how to capture your subject directly with pens, and then understand how light and shadow works in order to correctly place your values, using only a grey colour!

Check out his reference images

Topics Covered:

  • Overcoming the fear of starting a piece with ink and watercolours instead of pencil;
  • How to create a detailed piece without it becoming too confusing or overcrowded .
  • Tips on embracing mistakes and avoid starting a new piece;
  • Creating highlights without using white or masking fluid;
  • Remove, change or exaggerate: how to tweak your reference to make your piece pop;

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