Demystifying Watercolour: The Basics

An introductory online watercolour workshop with esteemed watercolorist and Perfect Sketchbook designer Erwin Lian. This workshop will help you gain an understanding of the medium as you paint and is perfect for beginner to intermediate artists. The workshop runs for approximately 3 hours and will be held via Zoom. Each workshop is limited to 6 people to maximise one-on-one engagement and learning.

Next Workshop:

  • 7am Singapore Time Sunday (August 9th)
  • 4pm LA Time Saturday (August 8th)
  • 7pm NY Time Saturday (August 8th)
  • Midnight London Time Sunday (August 9th)

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In this 3-hour online workshop, esteemed artist Erwin Lian invites you to learn the fundamentals of watercolour and brush techniques. From an introduction of how watercolours behave through to final polish, you’ll learn how to create a sketch using just watercolour washes and glazes.

Packed with live and real-time demos and examples, Erwin's class will cover:

Creating sketches from just watercolour
Mixing colours to accomplish your desired look
Layering paints to create depth and texture
Adding details with ink

This course is for beginner to intermediate watercolourists who are looking to build their skills and gain a deeper understanding of this medium.

Materials you will need:

At least two artist-grade watercolours

A couple of your favourite brushes

Watercolour paper: 100% cotton and 20% cotton

Water containers for cleaning brushes (preferably three)

Pencils and erasers

Pigment ink pen

A rag/cloth for cleaning brushes

Spray bottle (with water)

Fountain pen (optional)

Above art by Erwin Lian

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