Meet our designers

We believe that we can accomplish more together than alone. That’s why we partner with independent designers and artists to create and commercialise innovative products that enable creatives from all walks of life to make their mark.

Every single one of our designers created something great and we just helped them make more of it for more people. If you have a great product and align with our philosophy, we’d love to hear from you!

Meet Our Designers

DARREN YEOW | Carry Range Designer / Co-founder

His passion for bags is only rivaled by the love for his adorable kids.

STEPHANIE LAW | Mini Palette Designer

Watercolourist in Oakland, California, with a particular inclination to paint stunning insects, botanics, and the fantastical.

ERWIN LIAN | The Perfect Sketchbook Designer

Artist from Singapore. Traveller. Slowly conquering the world by capturing its beauty in his (perfect) sketchbooks.


Did you create an art product and need help distributing it worldwide? We'd love to hear about it!