Our Pro-Ambassadors

Staying ahead of the curve and meeting the diverse and evolving needs of professional artists and art hobbyists demands total dedication to creativity.

Our global pro-ambassadors combine the flair, vision and artistry you can expect from well accomplished professional artists and leaders in their fields. We are proud to be able to work closely with them and leverage the great insights they have in our product design.

Take a look below to find out more about each of our inspirational and visionary pro-ambassadors.

Our Pro-Ambassadors

Karla Ortiz
USA, Universal Studios Entertainment
Concept Designer / Illustrator

John Polidora
USA, Riot Games
Concept Designer / Awesome Sketcher

Jomaro Kindred
USA, Blizzard Entertainment
Concept Designer / Illustrator

Mike May
USA, Zenimax Studios
Concept Designer / Illustrator

Henry South
UK, Industrial Light
Senior VFX Artist / Modeller

Peter Han
USA-Korea, Gnomon / Art Center / Sony
Designer, Concept Designer, Teacher