Our Story

Our story began around 2012 as I craved to get outdoors more with my sketch making. I was a concept artist, so a lot of my time was spent tied to a drawing table or workstation, and I longed to escape into the wilderness.

The trouble was that all my bags were general carry, which ignored many of the issues a mobile artist faces, so I looked around for art bags specifically built for us, but nothing on the market suited my mobile sketching needs.

Frustrated, but fuelled by youthful exuberance, I rolled up my sleeves and spent the better part of two years crafting a bag with the features I desired. Showing my progress on social media as I went along, significant interest built around the prototypes that would lead to the original Nomad Art Satchel.

With the generous help of enthusiastic supporters, the Nomad Art Satchel was crowdfunded into existence on Kickstarter in 2014.

We've grown a little since then and learned many things along the way but now more than ever we are for the creatives that inspire all of us - we hope you like our efforts.

Darren Yeow
Founder & CEO Etchr Lab


Of all the things we could have poured our collective energy into...why art bags? Well, to us they’re more than that.

Our mission from the start has been to improve the world in which we live by hatching more inspiring art into existence through crafting and delivering quality products that make the lives of artists a little easier.

This of course begs the question - Does art actually make the world better? Does it even matter anymore? Did it ever?

Art reflects our thoughts. Challenges our beliefs. Plumbs the depths of our desires. Our hopes. Our dreams. Kindles dormant emotions into explosive expression. Inspires us to do better. Connects us. Helps us make sense of the world we live in. To carry on.

We think it matters now more than ever.

Every day, we ask ourselves ‘How can we continue to support the creators who create?’ It‘s an evocative question that keeps us up at night.

So to answer the question, we’re not ‘just’ making art bags - we’re doing our best to leave the world in a better state than the one we found it in.


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