Learn watercolor from scratch. 

Online course and art materials delivered to your door.

Developed in collaboration with Professional artist and teacher Jun-Pierre Shiozawa. The Etchr Watercolor Starter Kit includes access to Jun-Pierre's multi-part beginner watercolor course, and all the art materials you need to start. 

Watercolor Starter Kit
Watercolor Starter Kit
Watercolor Starter Kit
Watercolor Starter Kit
Watercolor Starter Kit
Watercolor Starter Kit
Watercolor Starter Kit
Watercolor Starter Kit
Watercolor Starter Kit
Watercolor Starter Kit
Watercolor Starter Kit

Meet your teacher

Jun-Pierre Shiozawa is a professional artist and teacher based in the South of France.

Jun-Pierre studied classical painting under Jane Morris Pack at the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts in Italy and Greece. He has worked and exhibited in Minneapolis, Martinique, Paris and Tokyo.

In collaboration with Etchr,  Jun-Pierre developed "Introduction to Watercolor", the multi-part online course included in this kit. This course was designed to teach the fundamentals of watercolor to absolute beginners.

Step-by-step approach

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Class 1
Materials, Colour Mixing and Control

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Class 2
Wetness, Dryness and Washes

Class 3.jpg__PID:e79bb342-c04a-458c-8e58-c1c84635f800

Class 3
Layering and Glazes

Class 4.jpg__PID:b342c04a-858c-4e58-81c8-4635f8009a35

Class 4
Negative Space and Masking

Class 5.jpg__PID:c04a858c-ce58-41c8-8635-f8009a35adbf

Class 5
Using Tone

Class 6.jpg__PID:858cce58-c1c8-4635-b800-9a35adbffac5

Class 6
Colour Theory, Temperature & Intensity

Class 7.jpg__PID:ce58c1c8-4635-4800-9a35-adbffac50672

Class 7
Form & Texture

What's in the Kit

You'll receive access to Jun-Pierre's course, and all the art materials you'll need to participate.


What customers are saying...



Absolutely love this course. Learning so much again through Jun’s amazing teaching skills.



Really enjoyed this class with its simple and easy to follow directions. Jun-Pierre is an excellent artist and teacher.



Thanks again Jun-Pierre Shiozawa! I’m really enjoying this course.



I am truly enjoying this class, I like Jun-Pierre's teaching style, it is easy to follow along.

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