Etchr Sketchbooks: Early Bird Pricing, Kickstarter Launch Date, & Special Surprises!

Etchr Sketchbooks: Early Bird Pricing, Kickstarter Launch Date, & Special Surprises!


Edit: Our campaign finished and the Etchr Sketchbooks are now available for purchase on our online store!


Hello, hello! Ânia here with some paper smooth updates for you. ;)

Our (third!!) Kickstarter Campaign approaches! As we count down until launch day, we figured it’s about time to share the official launch date, Early Bird specials, and other surprises we have for you...

Kickstarter Launch Date (Length!)

After months of preparation, we’re ready to save the date! This Kickstarter campaign will go live on...

Wednesday, April 3rd (U.S. Time), and run until April 10th - that's a ONE week campaign!

We're still deciding on the exact launch time, which we will announce EXCLUSIVELY via our newsletter and Early Bird Mailing List.

Our Early Bird special is limited to the first 100 backers of each bundle. If you’re interested, be SURE to subscribe to the Early Bird List to know when you can pledge!

Early Bird Pricing & Pledge Options

For a project as simple as “sketchbooks designed by artists”... with as many sketchbook options as we have, the tiers could’ve become pretty complicated.

We asked what you’d like to see as tiers, and here’s what you came up with!

Organized by size:

Four bundles. Large books (Gallery Bundle), or small books (Travel Bundle), available in either hot press or cold press.

Gallery Bundle: Three books: two A4 + one A5. Ideal to keep in your studio as a stash of perfect paper for those masterpieces that can’t afford anything less than the best.

Travel Bundle: Four travel-sized books: two A5 + two A6. Small enough to drop into your bag and go sketching - and enough books in this bundle for as many exploratory sketches as you can muster. And yes the A6 fits into our Field Case!


Cool Gallery Bundle Two A4, One A5 200g Cold Pressed Sketchbooks

US $59 [Early-Bird Price]

US $69 [Normal Price]

Cool Travel Bundle Two A5, Two A6 200g Cold Pressed Sketchbooks

US $49 [Early-Bird Price]

US $59 [Normal Price]

Hot Gallery Bundle Two A4, One A5 200g Hot Pressed Sketchbooks

US $59 [Early-Bird Price]

US $69 [Normal Price]

Hot Travel Bundle Two A5, Two A6 200g Hot Pressed Sketchbooks

US $49 [Early-Bird Price]

US $59 [Normal Price]


Oh and in case the prices are slightly different than above, just note we're an Australian company, so unless you`re pledging in Australia the exchange rates might mean our prices on Kickstarter move just a little in your local currency. Most of you have a preference of hot vs cold press but if you're not sure then give our quiz a go.

Sketchbook Quality Overview

Most major sketchbook brands aren’t “sketchbook brands” -  They’re notebook brands. That started marketing to artists. (...And charging more, too.)

You deserve more.

Every detail of the Etchr Sketchbook range is optimized for artists - because it was developed BY artists:

  • Our paper is 100% cotton to absorb as many wet media washes as you can sling at it. Ideal for watercolor, acrylics, ink, pens, pencils and gouache.
  • The book itself lies flat to maximize the paintable surface, while still fitting comfortably in your favourite bag or field case.
  • The books come in hot press paper for deliciously smooth ink and brush strokes, OR cold press paper for that signature toothy texture.
  • A4, A5 and A6: Three size options for ideas big and small. 54 pages for ample iterations and warm-up drawings.
  • A fabric cover that you can customize with ink and acrylic to make the outside as creative as the inside.

Why Kickstarter?

We've done this Kickstarter thing before and we find it`s a great way to get the community behind something worth believing in.

This time we`re doing a very short Kickstarter (7 days) with a limited number of book bundles that we have already begun manufacturing. A successful campaign will help us prove to all those non-believers out there that artists DO want access to affordable, quality, everyday sketchbooks. If we can do that with your help then we hope the Etchr Sketchbook range can be made available on an ongoing basis in stores all over the world. Here`s to making more art!

Your Special Surprise


Are you ready? I’m excited for this one. :D

...ok, I’ll just drop it:

Everyone who backs our sketchbooks will receive a Kickstarter exclusive llama enamel pin!!!

We wanted to offer something special as a thank you for being a part of our third Kickstarter. After all, if not for your input and support, these sketchbooks would never come to be!

That’s all, folks!

As I mentioned above, we will be announcing our exact Kickstarter launch time EXCLUSIVELY via our Early Bird Mailing List (and newsletter) so please feel free to join it if you haven't already.

Edit: Our campaign finished and the Etchr Sketchbooks are now available for purchase on our online store!


Thanks for reading! Take care of yourselves, take care of each other, and never stop creating  <3




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Note: The Etchr Sketchbooks are the most affordable sketchbook series we are launching IN 2019. Erwin Lian, the creator of The Perfect Sketchbook, worked with us to ensure the quality of these books. We will also release The Perfect Sketchbook via our website this year. For more details about The Perfect Sketchbook, check out this blog post. 
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