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6" Square Paper Block (Cold Press)

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This Paper Block has 20 sheets and is glued on two sides rather than four to allow for easy removal. This product uses 300g acid-free, 50% cotton cold press paper. Vegan friendly. 

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300g (140lbs) acid-free, 50% cotton cold press paper.

Why is acid-free and cotton paper important?

The best paper is acid-free and has a high amount of cotton because it means the paper is less prone to turning yellow or deteriorating over time. Also, the more cotton a paper has, the better it holds water and the more vibrant the pigment remains.

What is the size and weight of the paper block?

This paper block is 6 inch (~15cm) and weighs 160g (~0.35 pounds).

What does it mean to have glue on "2 sides of the paper block"?

In a paper block, the sheets are glued together at the sides. In our blocks, instead of applying glue to all 4 sides of the sheets, we apply it to 2 sides. This makes it easier to remove each sheet.

How do you remove the sheets from the block?

When your painting is finished and dry, simply insert a palette knife (or similar instrument) below the sheet that you just painted and run it all the way around to free your painting from the block.

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