Art makes you Human. Come Alive.

Our Mission

Igniting creativity in everyone through seamlessly integrated, community-focused, and quality art learning, products and experiences.

Our core values guide our team.

Our core values guide our team.


We stay true to who we are and support one another.


We take ownership and use initiative to embrace challenges.


Nothing ventured, nothing gained. We feel safe trying new things that could further our mission.


We are outcome focused and constantly challenge ourselves to spend time on what matters.

Akshay Kumar

Data Analyst
Loves trekking and exploring new places. A hockey player and also a half-ironman marathon enthusiast.

Andrei Fernandez

Content Officer
A botanical nerd with questionable spending habits. Fantasizes about what it would be like to have good organizational skills.

Ânia Marcos

Art Director / Artist
People person, story addict, talker and visual thinker. Children's book artist and writer. Can be bribed with food.

Camille Riva

Studio Admin
Caffeine dependent woman who loves to read and write. Would probably choose to be a barista over being a writer.

Jake Henderson

Sales Manager
Loves the Ale in "Sales"; diving in the ocean, and is also a part time island man on a bike.

Jayson Quinco

Support Lead
A foodie who loves computer games, doggos, and some metal music.

Jericka (Jih) Cruz

Design Lead
Creative thinker, awesome mother and responsible for making everything Etchr look good.

Jessica Supangan

A published fiction writer, book and poetry lover. Moves heaven and earth for this team. Also bends time.

Justin Laurente

Design Lead
Has 3 longbois (dachshunds) who hate him whenever he pretends he's still in college playing gigs. Also loves dogs.

Kathleen Baraan

Host & Producer / Artist
Artist, singer, pianist, guitarist, and an advocate. An old soul but is also a kid at heart.

Kimberly Ann (Kim) Elpedes

Content Officer
Dog mom. Curious. A Virgo – but that doesn’t actually mean anything.

Kitty Maer

Host & Producer / Artist
Potter, yoga teacher, collector of odd information, and failed tiny-lion tamer. Enjoys most things that would entertain an eight year old.

Pearly Tan Huay Shen

Finance & Operations Manager
Currently at Etchr. Formerly at EY. Sometimes she cooks, bakes and drinks. Other times she doodles, tinkles with the piano and disturbs babies.

Raquel Cunha

Photographer / Graphic Designer
Always makes Etchr look amazing with the most creative problem solving and out of the box thinking.

Reinier Padua

Customer Support
A father, husband, and frustrated singer who loves to cook. Just don't ask him to fold the laundry.

Rong Wei

Operations Support
A girl with a sweet tooth and a round face. From Guilin: "East or west, Guilin scenery is the best!"

Saurabh Maheshwari

Strategy & Technology Director
Loves to travel; often in search of calm and peace. Weekend farmer who loves being outdoors.

Simon Frisby

Co-Founder / Sales & Marketing Director
An outstanding leader, Simon also loves surfing, beer and Summer. In his past life was probably a supermodel. 

Yan Zhu

Co-Founder / Strategy & Operation Director
A foodie who loves traveling, Yan drinks liquid knowledge for breakfast and outperforms any machine at work.