Art makes you Human. Come Alive.

Designed by Artists

We collaborate with independent artists to create art supplies that focus on the finer details.

Supporting Creatives

Our Art supplies and Educational Content create commercial opportunities for artists.

Vegan Friendly

We love animals. We don't want our products to be made of them.


Our Origins

We believe art makes the world a better place. It allows us to appreciate the little things in this complex and fast-paced world. Art inspires people to make real change. It connects us, grounds us, and makes us human.

Etchr is an Australian company dedicated to fostering creativity.


As an artist that has tried multiple brands and companies, Etchr has definitely been the best! Great content, great supplies, and super approachable with support and instruction.
Nyah Jordan


We were founded in 2017 as Etchr Lab, an art supplies company focused on collaborating with independent artists to develop products that needed to be made. Our early items were brought to life with the support of the creative community through crowdfunding campaigns. Having artists as product designers instils a focus on function, and an uncompromising dedication to quality, even where it hurts the bottom line.


Over time our product range has grown into a broader selection of art supplies, with new items only being developed where we feel there is an unmet need that we can address.

In 2020, with many people unable to leave their homes, we partnered with independent artists to teach online art classes. We were touched by the impact of these early classes, and it became clear that, for many artists, education, not just their materials, was holding them back from growing in both skill and confidence. In 2021, we formally launched Etchr Studio, an online art learning platform that develops online art classes in partnership with hundreds of independent art teachers worldwide.


What this company has done to support fledgling artists, both teachers and students, has been innovative, forward thinking, fun, and constantly evolving. I’d like to think that the subscription idea is a way to guarantee decent and ongoing compensation for the teachers. As a business I think they have offered an amazing series of products over the past year.
Ruth Freitag Beeston


Our Values

Our core values guide our team. These are the foundation of our culture, keeping us grounded and focused on what truly matters.


We practice what we preach and stay true to ourselves.



We innovate. It is our contribution to the creative community.



We are accountable to one another, our customers and the creative community.



We focus on what matters to artists.

Meet Our Team

We're an Australian company but our team works remotely all over the world. We are artists, designers and business people, our diverse skill sets, and unique perspectives are one of our greatest strengths.

Akshay Kumar

Data Analyst
Loves trekking and exploring new places. A hockey player and also a half-ironman marathon enthusiast.
- India

Alfonzo Suniga

Content Officer
Just a dude who likes good food, good shows, and a good design.
- Philippines

Ânia Marcos

Art Director / Artist
People person, story addict, talker and visual thinker. Children's book artist and writer. Can be bribed with food.
- Portugal

Camille Riva

Studio Admin Lead
A caffeine-dependent woman who loves to read and write. Keeps the show running with legendary organisational skills.
- Philippines

Jake Henderson

Sales Manager
Loves the Ale in "Sales", diving in the ocean, and is also a part-time island man on a bike.
- Australia / Philippines

Jayson Quinco

Support Lead
A foodie who loves computer games, doggos, and some metal music.
- Philippines

Jessica Supangan

Marketing Manager
A published fiction writer, book and poetry lover. Moves heaven and earth for this team. Also bends time.
- Philippines

Jih Cruz

Design Lead
Creative thinker, incredible mother (to both her son AND team) and responsible for making everything Etchr look pro.
- Philippines

Justin Laurente

Design Lead
Frustrated musician, photographer, videographer, designer, and hobbyist. Yes, he's frustrated in all of those.
- Philippines

Kathleen Baraan

Host & Producer / Artist
Artist, singer, pianist, guitarist, and advocate. An old soul but a kid at heart.
- Philippines

Kim Elpedes

Content Officer
Dog mom. Curious. A Virgo – but that doesn't actually mean anything. The Flash of the Content team.
- Philippines

Kirsty Wyatt

Host & Producer / Artist
History nerd, vintage-obsessed, and a passionate artist and teacher who left behind England for the Aussie outback.
- Australia

Kitty Maer

Host & Producer / Artist
Potter, yoga teacher, collector of odd information, and failed tiny-lion tamer. Enjoys most things that would entertain an eight-year-old.

Noelia Martínez Voigt

Production Manager
A creative Bolivian artist and teacher who cherishes life's simple pleasures and the beauty of human connections.

Pearly Tan

Associate Director of Finance & Operations
Sometimes she cooks, bakes and drinks. Other times she doodles, tinkles with the piano and disturbs babies.
- Malaysia

Raquel Cunha

Photographer / Graphic Designer
Always makes Etchr look amazing with the most creative problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking.
- Portugal

Rong Wei

Operations Support
A girl with a sweet tooth and a round face. The reason why the backend operations work seamlessly.
- China

Saurabh Maheshwari

Growth Director
Loves to travel, often in search of calm and peace. Weekend farmer who loves being outdoors.
- India

Simon Frisby

Co-Founder / Sales & Marketing Director
Loves to surf, beer, and Summer. Probably has clones working for him. In his past life was a supermodel. 
- Australia

Yan Zhu

Co-Founder / Strategy & Operation Director
A foodie who loves travelling, Yan drinks liquid knowledge for breakfast and outperforms any machine and AI at work.
- Australia