Pre-order Update 3: Shipment Arrived - FINAL ADDRESS CHANGE!

Pre-order Update 3: Shipment Arrived - FINAL ADDRESS CHANGE!

Hiya folks,

Nomad Darren here again with the third and second to last pre-order update before we start shipping!

We'll of course post another update when shipping officially begins.

Here's where we are at in our timeline:

PreOrder Progress Bar_3 Thanks again to all of you for your patience, I know many of you are anxious to get your hands on your Nomad Art Satchels and we're anxious to start sending them ASAP.

The great news is that our shipment of Nomad Art Satchels have arrived in the US and are being processed through customs right now and being prepared for ground logistics to our warehouse in San Francisco where we will carry out order fulfillment for US, Canadian and International orders.

We estimate the goods will be in the warehouse system in 5-6 days, once they are, we will upload a collated file containing the postage details of all of our wonderful pre-order folks.

After that, it only takes a few days for our fulfillment partners to ship all boxes - they're incredibly efficient and great at what they do.


As you'd imagine, we'd like to have your postage addresses finalized in the next 3 days, so please e-mail me ASAP if you need to make any changes since you placed your order - if not you're good to go.  


We’ve come to the end of the third update! I hope this has been some good news :)

As usual, if you have any further queries, comments or just want to share your excitement, feel free to post in the comments section below and I’ll be happy to respond. Conversely if you want to email me directly, please don’t hesitate to do so.

Again, Cat-overlord Jasper and I truly appreciate your ongoing support <3

Chat soon.


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Donald W: We don’t blame you! If the weather gets a tad chilly, you can always pack hand warmers in the front compartment. Our newest bag, the Etchr Art Satchel, is currently being tested to support extra carry capacity so you don’t have to compensate as much. We call it the Llama/Beast Mode. You can read about it in our blog article “Introduction to Etchr Lab and the Etchr Art Satchel”. Be sure to keep up to date by signing up for our Early Bird mailing list. :)

Mina Roy

M.M.M. – Yay!! Let us know if you run into any complications or have any concerns with retrieving your Nomad. :)


Alexander: Congratulations! We hope you were able to incorporate the Nomad into your everyday life, and not just days off. :)


M.M.M. – You’re so welcome! Thank you for the wonderful feedback! We’re currently working on a new and improved version of the bag, so be sure to sign up for our Early Bird mailing list to get the latest news.


Don Walls: How are you enjoying the Nomad? Have you figured out your favorite way of using it?


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