E73 :: Marco Novo & the Simplification of Art

E73 :: Marco Novo & the Simplification of Art

Marco Novo is an Italian watercolor artist and an IT analyst by day. Jobs from the opposite side of the spectrum. But Marco has never been one to go with the single path of creativity. From graffiti art to be being fascinated with Manga, his eyes are now drawn to the mundane life of the desert along with the vibrant and rich culture of Moroccan lifestyle. 

In this episode, Marco shared :

  • How to break away from the classical style of painting
  • A color exercise as a step to simplify the process
  • How to approach a complicated scene for painting
  • How to paint a scene using limited palette
  • How to convey a sense of place without too many details.
  • Creating shapes and contrasts using negative space

        Listen to Marco's interview:

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