E38 :: Uma Kelkar & Defeating Art Block Like an Engineer

E38 :: Uma Kelkar & Defeating Art Block Like an Engineer

Uma Kelkar is a powerhouse. Seriously. She’s an artist and electric engineer who draws a powerful connection between the two - and her approach not only helps us face major challenges like art block or taking feedback too personally, but also empowers us to keep on creating without the ongoing feeling of guilt and powerlessness that haunts so many of us.

If this picked your curiosity, then stay tuned as we discuss:

  • How to set realistic art goals;
  • Overcoming art block;
  • Why Uma believes everyone is born an artist;
  • How to control temperature when painting in watercolour!

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      How do you face Art Block?

      We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas, so please let us know in the comments section below!

      - Ânia

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