Art Satchel

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Regular bags just don't cut it for artists - and we think you deserve better.

Our brand new flagship product, the Etchr Art Satchel is a tough-as-nails, modular, weatherproof satchel, designed from the ground up specifically for artists, helping them travel to the ends of the Earth...and create art there!

Our Art Satchel comes with a two-year complimentary warrantyYou can cancel or edit your order ANY TIME before your order is fulfilled with a full refund.

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Art Satchel

Product Detail

Check out our Combo and integrate the Field Case with the Art Satchel.

Our Art Satchel comes with:

  • Elastic Tab: 2 
  • Tools Strips: 2 
  • Mesh Cover: 1
  • Hook Straps: 2
  • Corner Tabs: 8 
  • Tripod Straps: 2
  • Tripod Interface: 1
  • Internal Storage Caddy: 1
  • Convertible Strap (Satchel/Backpack): 1 

Specifications of our Art Satchel is listed below:

  • Width: 33 cm or 13 in 
  • Length: 41 cm or 16 in 
  • Depth: 10 cm or 3.9 in
  • Weight: 2.9 kgs or 6.4 lbs


  • Easel Mode: If you're going to be in one place for a while, attach a tripod and transform your satchel into an easel!
  • Supported Mode: Ever tried sketching without a table or other rigid surface? It's a pain! Your Etchr Art Satchel transforms into a mobile drawing table that you wear so that you can get creative anywhere.
  • Study Mode: Need to practice some anatomy or work on your ideas at a library or cafe? The study mode puts your reference materials and art tools in a great position, while helping to provide a bit of privacy.
  • Flexible Carry Methods: Like to wear backpacks? How about messengers? Or maybe you like the more professional look and prefer hand-carry? Got roll-on luggage - you can slip your art satchel straight onto the handle. However you like to carry your gear, the Etchr Art Satchel conforms to your preferences.
  • Better Tool Management: Get ready to ditch traditional bags, aka, chaos sacks. Say hello to order. Using a combination of tool straps and tabs, you have the ultimate flexibility in how you stow your tools.
  • Improved Internal Management System: Your media is now held in more securely than ever, using our brand new tab system.
  • Tablet Support: Are you a digital nomad? New to the Etchr Art Satchel is the ability to attach a wide variety of digital sketching devices, broadening your creative options.
  • Tough & Weather Resistant Materials: Caught in the rain fighting bears? Fallen in the mud trying to get to that hidden temple? No problem! We chose materials that would stand the test of time and the elements - strong, TPU coated Polyester and ToughTek non-slip material cover the shell of our products so that you can keep your mind on the art and not whether your bag is going to be ruined!
  • Versatile Front Pocket: Travel light or travel heavy - the expandable front pocket can push out to hold plenty, but compresses flat if not required.
  • Quick Access Laptop Bag: Doubles as a super-fast access weatherproof laptop bag when needed. Please check our sizing sheet to see if your laptop would fit.
  • Standing Desk: If you need to do a spot of laptop work, try out the standing desk mode. It's quick to set up and break down and doesn't take much room.


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