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Gouache Brushes: Set of 8

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These vegan friendly brushes were handpicked by our team to take the guesswork out of gouache brush selection (learn more below). This set includes 8 high-quality, synthetic gouache brushes: three round brushes, sizes 2, 4, 12; three flat brushes, sizes 2, 4, 12; one rigger brush, size 2; and one angle brush, size 6. The brushes come in an exclusive Etchr roll-up pouch.

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Brushes can be overwhelming and this can be a huge barrier to entry, particularly for artists tackling a new medium. To take the guess work out of it, our team hand-picked the perfect combination of brushes to tackle gouache. Each brush was chosen for an explicit purpose, and has been tested by our panel of professional artists and instructors. These brushes, like all Etchr products, are vegan friendly.

We love animals. We don't want our products to be made of them.

This set includes 8 synthetic brushes. Three round brushes size 2, 4, 12; three flat brushes, sizes 2, 4, 12; one rigger brush, size 2; and one angle brush, size 6.

What makes these brushes perfect for gouache?

The diameter of each of the synthetic hair is 0.06mm - thinner than our watercolour brush set. Thin hairs are softer and allow for more water absorption, which is perfect for paints like gouache. Also, the kind of hair used in these brushes is different from the one used for our watercolour set.

Are these brushes good for anything else other than gouache?

Although perfect for gouache, these brushes are great for any water-based paints such as watercolours, or acrylic.

What makes this a good set for me? 

This set was carefully put together to be as versatile as possible. The different combinations of shapes and sizes should cover everything you need!

What are the synthetic fibres made of?

Our brushes use polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) - considered one of the best and most durable materials in the world. It closely matches red sable brushes in its feel and performance levels. The diameter of each hair is 0.06mm.

How do I clean these brushes? 

For details on how to care for your brushes, visit read this blog post

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