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Etchr Mirror

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Bring images from your digital device to life. Upload any picture from your own device and project the image onto any surface using the Etchr Mirror.



Download the app:

  • For Apple users - Search for the Etchr Mirror App on the App Store. Available for phones and tablets.
  • For Android users - Search for the Etchr Mirror App on Google Play Store. Available for phones and tablets.
  • No need to scan a QR code to activate it!

Select any image:

  • The App optimizes images for use with the Etchr Mirror and allows you to customize image style, size, level of brightness and more. You can upload and process any picture from your own device or the Internet.

Enjoy art-making:

  • The Etchr Mirror is perfect for children, hobbyists and pros. Trace, colour or sculpt anything you want, however, and wherever you like.

    We offer a two-year limited warranty, beginning at the time of purchase on all Etchr products sold. We warrant our products to be free from manufacturing defects in materials, workmanship, and failure or breakage of parts/full products that render them non-functional.

    We offer a 30-day money back guarantee from the original date of purchase. The customer is responsible for return shipping costs. All Etchr products are covered by a 24 month manufacturing warranty.

    Size and weight:

    The Mirror itself has a width of 13.5cm or ~5.3in and a length of 20cm or ~7.9in. With the box included, the Etchr Mirror weighs 260g (or 0.57lbs). The Mirror and the Stand together weigh 95g (0.2lbs).


    The Mirror itself is made of polycarbonate, while the stand is made out of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.

    Is the Mirror accessible to left-handed users?

    Yes, the Etchr Mirror can be used by both right and left-handed people. All you need to do is position the stand facing the direction you want to draw.

    Can I use the Mirror without the App?

    Even though you could technically use the mirror without the app, we don’t recommend it. The results wouldn't be quite as good, and the product would not be as versatile.

    Do I need an Internet connection while using the Mirror?

    The Mirror works without internet access. All the images are processed locally and as such you don't need access to the internet once the App is downloaded to your device.

    What is the largest paper/surface area that this could be used to draw on?

    As big as you want! Even though the size of the projection is limited to the size of the screen and the Mirror itself, you can resize and move the image within the App however you like. This means you can also move the surface you are working on to follow the projection, and therefore continue the drawing.

    How much weight can the Mirror stand take?

    The Mirror can withstand any weight under 2kg (4.4lbs). If you are placing a heavy screen onto the Mirror stand, make sure your stand is set up so the pieces are farther apart. This will offer the tablet better stability.

    Does the App work on Windows?

    Unfortunately, the Etchr Mirror App was developed for Android and Apple only. Nevertheless, Microsoft and Android are working towards enabling Android apps to work on Windows, so we’re still following the Windows updates to see how it plays out.

    How do I clean the Mirror?

    Just use the same product one uses to clean eyeglasses and the Mirror should be good to go.

    I can’t use the photos I took with my iPhone. What’s wrong?

    Unfortunately, default photos taken with iPhone 7 and newer models are not usable as the formats are not supported. We’re working on this issue, but until we do, please go to Settings > Camera > Formats and then change from ‘High efficiency’ to ‘Compatible’ so you can use your photos.

    Should I know anything before using the Mirror for the first time?

    The Mirror comes covered in protective film on both sides, so make sure to remove it before using it. The edges with the film indication are quite small, so you might miss them.