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TPS Signature Series 2023 (Hot Press)

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Limited Edition

Each sketchbook has 44 pages and contains 300g acid-free, archival grade, 100% cotton Fabriano Artistico® Hot Press paper. They open flat and have a portrait format. The pages have deckle & hand-torn edges and the book is hard bound and glue-reinforced with a PU cover. Free international shipping.



We love animals. We don't want our products to be made of them.

Our Sketchbook range was developed in collaboration with Singaporean artist Erwin Lian. As a professional artist and teacher, Erwin understood the benefits of using 100% cotton paper with wet-media, but was frustrated with the lack of sketchbook options on the market. Erwin took to crowdfunding, to make his “Perfect Sketchbook” a reality.

Erwin’s book used heavy weight 100% cotton acid-free paper that featured stunning hand-torn deckled edge paper and was finished with lay-flat binding for ease of use. The response was overwhelming. Today, Erwin works in collaboration with Etchr - Erwin focuses on design and innovation, and the Etchr team makes the Sketchbook range available to artists worldwide.

What are the paper details?

This sketchbook uses 300gsm (140lbs) acid-free, artist-grade, 100% cotton hot press Fabriano paper. The paper colour is traditional white.

How do I choose between Hot and Cold press paper?

It really depends on your preference:

Cold press paper has a slightly textured surface. It is the paper used most often by watercolour artists because it's great not only for large washes but also for a good amount of detail. Also, the textured paper allows us to shape things much easier!

Hot press paper has a fine-grained, smooth surface, with almost no tooth. It's ideal for large, even washes of one or two colours, drawing with pens and ink, and painting fine details. The smooth surface makes it easier to draw and shade with dry mediums.

Why is acid-free and cotton paper important?

The best paper is acid-free and has a high amount of cotton to help prevent the paper from turning yellow or deteriorating over time. The more cotton content a paper has, the better it holds water and the pigment remains much more vibrant. You can use both sides of the paper.

Do 44 pages mean 22 sheets of paper to draw on?

Yes, it does! You can definitely use both sides of each sheet of paper - that's how good the paper is!

What is the size and weight of this sketchbook?

This is a B5 sketchbook (10.6 in x 7.3 in) and it weighs around 600g.