Man carrying Etchr Field Case and Sketchbook

Introducing the Etchr Field Case

Introducing the newest member of the Etchr family - the weather proof Field Case for your art tools that punches above it's weight.

EDIT: Our Field Case is now available online!

Sometimes, simple is better - a strong coffee, your favorite sketchbook and a suped-up pencil case are all you need to get creative on the go.

Man standing with Etchr Field Case on wharf (2)

And this is what we envisioned when we designed our Field Case, the little art tool carry case that could.

Man drinking coffee with Etchr Field Case


As artists, we can often get way with just a handful of sketching tools whereas sometimes we need a little more. The Field Case has you covered both ways.

Etchr Field Case open and filled with art supplies

The Etchr Field Case uses premium high tensile elastics and stretchable fabric pockets to hold your gear in place so you can find and access your tools easily on the go without worrying about dropping the lot.

Man opening Etchr Field Case full of art supplies

Man opening Etchr Field Case to access sketching tools

Load it up - it's deceptively spacious, a bit like an art TARDIS.

Contents of Etchr Art Satchel


Whether you're on public transport, about to board your plane or just listening to your tunes, quick access is a must - that's why we included a snug variable depth quick access pocket that is designed to be easily accessible for a range of items.

Face of Etchr Field Case

To let you get around more freely, we also designed the Etchr Field Case to be compatible with a wide range of straps so you don't need to carry it by hand.

Man standing with Etchr Field Case with headphones


The ability to keep important essentials by your side at all times would be useless if it stopped you from roaming in bad weather.

Water resistant material

The Etchr Field Case has you covered with weather resistant YKK zips and water resistant Kodra material.

Etchr Field Case close up view carrying Field Notes


Two deep interior pockets allow the Etchr Field Case to moonlight as a very capable travel wallet - you can use it to securely store things like flight tickets, passports, currency, small guide books and folded letters.

Etchr Field Case used as a travel wallet

Etchr Field Case worn in sling mode

If you're interested in purchasing, we recently concluded our successful Kickstarter campaign and just opened our Pre-Order store - if you missed out on the KS campaign, our Pre-Order campaign is still offering some pretty sweet discounts!

EDIT: Our Field Case is now available on our website!

You can also connect with us through our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram and learn more about our mission, our journey and our products on our Blog.

Thanks for reading and keep creating <3

Cheers, Daz (Founder, Etchr Lab).


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