Life drawing with the Etchr Art Satchel in Easel Mode

Life Drawing with the Etchr Art Satchel

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We thought it was time we delved into how our Art Satchel helps to improve your Life Drawing experience, so you can focus on studying form instead of wrestling with setup.

NOTE: If you're interested in purchasing, we recently concluded our successful Kickstarter campaign and just opened our Pre-Order store - if you missed out on the KS campaign, our Pre-Order campaign is still offering some pretty sweet discounts!

Life drawing with Etchr Art Satchel on a tripod

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Whether you're experienced in art-making (or not), professional or amateur, studying the human body in all its glorious permutations and configurations right in front of you where you can regard volume and form is something that is eternally rewarding, even after decades of practice.

And more than just skill development, art is primarily a lonesome activity, so now and again it's great to get out of the studio and into the communal spirit of a Life Drawing class.

But of course if you've ever made it to a popular session, setup space can be challenging to locate, forcing you into uncomfortable standing or sitting positions which can quickly lead to fatigue. What could have been an enjoyable afternoon out, can very easily morph into a frustrating session.

When I designed the Etchr Art Satchel, I wanted to address these issues to ensure the experience could be all it was supposed to be.

Life Drawing class with the Etchr Art Satchel


Missing out on an easel or worse, having to lug one around can be annoying! One of our bags primary functions is Easel Mode, which allows the bag to attach to any quick release camera tripod on the market.

"Easel Mode" can be setup and broken down in seconds and makes for a highly portable Life Drawing platform for both physical and digital mediums.

Etchr Art Satchel in Easel Mode in Art Studio


If you don't have an easel or a drawing horse, life drawing becomes even more challenging. If you have to hold a drawing board up or rest it on your knee, fatigue sets in within minutes and it literally becomes a pain to draw.

To help alleviate this literal pain, our bag has also been designed to set up as a stable drawing platform in both portrait and landscape format when in "Supported Mode" without the need for a tripod.

Etchr Art Satchel in Supported Mode Life Drawing Class

Supported Mode works great whether you're standing or sitting and doesn't require an easel - you can literally set up within seconds and orbit around your subject to capture superior angles.

Etchr Art Satchel Seated Supported Mode Life Drawing Class


Ever feel like getting some art study done outside of the Life Drawing studio? Yeah me too!

Our brand new "Laptop Mode" operates as an inconspicuous sketch-station and is great for referencing images on a screen / book for study.

Laptop Mode sets up and breaks down in seconds and offers that extra bit of privacy when you want to focus.


When you're not doing art, we didn't want you to have yet another bag just lying around, so we designed the Etchr Art Satchel be a great everyday bag as well.

Etchr Art Satchel Internal Art Supply Storage

We sought to create a stylish yet versatile bag - the perfect companion for work, travel and play.

When the Art Satchel is stacked with a drawing tablet, laptop, tripod, clothes and art tools for an overnight trip its easy to switch into "Backpack Mode" using the same shoulder strap so you can tackle longer trips in comfort.

Etchr Art Satchel Backpack Mode with Tripod


NOTE: If you're interested in purchasing, we recently concluded our successful Kickstarter campaign and just opened our Pre-Order store - if you missed out on the KS campaign, our Pre-Order campaign is still offering some pretty sweet discounts!

Hopefully this gives you some idea of how our little baby can help you out with life-drawing and drawing in general - feel free to let us know in the comments below what you think! We love to hear feedback : )

The Etchr Art Satchel will be released in mid-late August via our second Kickstarter campaign, so if you think it's a cool concept, we'd be super appreciative of your support to make this thing a reality!

Join our community of artists on the Early Bird List to be first to know when it launches so you can have first dibs on our awesome early bird offers!

Etchr Art Satchel Satchel Mode

You can also connect with us through our social media accounts and learn more about our mission, our journey and how our bag works for other types of artists on our Blog.

Thanks for reading and keep creating <3

Cheers, Daz (Founder, Etchr Lab).


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