Man using Etchr Art Satchel with iPad in Supported Mode

Make the World Your Reference Folder with the Etchr Art Satchel

NOTE: If you're interested in purchasing, we recently concluded our successful Kickstarter campaign and just opened our Pre-Order store - if you missed out on the KS campaign, our Pre-Order campaign is still offering some pretty sweet discounts!

Hey there, Darren here, thanks for stopping by!

As a professional Concept Artist for more than a decade, I wanted to shed some light on some of the ways I designed the Etchr Art Satchel to make my daily work a little easier.

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As a commercial Concept Artist, I found that there's often an over-reliance on using Google Image search, other people's photography or Pinterest as a first port of call when doing visual research. While this is obviously convenient, I also tend to think that solely using secondary information can lead to stale design.

I found seeking inspiration in the physical world and visually digesting things actually in front of me allowed me to study form and function more effectively than in a 2D image. Of course, for the most part, doing studies away from the drawing table isn't convenient, and the more gear you need to carry, the longer the set up time which consequently eats into your art-making.

In the Etchr Art Satchel I wanted to build in functionality to:

  • dramatically improve set-up time;
  • provide mobile drawing surface stability;
  • reduce free-standing arm fatigue; and
  • improve art tool / general storage capability.

Apart from functional improvements, I also sought to craft a more stylish bag that would be suitable for client meetings as well as getting out and about on the weekends.

Read on and check out some shots of our latest prototype below to find out more...we're pretty excited about what we've created and we hope you'll join us in our journey to make it a reality via Kickstarter :)

Man Carrying Etchr Art Satchel in Satchel Mode


Whether you're sketching in a sketchbook on the train or referencing something in the flesh on your digital tablet, it can be difficult to find a stable working platform. Forget only using Google images for inspiration - we designed our bag with supported mode meaning it works as a mobile drawing platform in both portrait and landscape format, either standing or sitting, without the aid of a tripod. The added benefit of this is reduced arm fatigue so you'll have no excuses to get out and create on the go : )

Man using Etchr Art Satchel in Supported Mode referencing work in an art gallery


Keen to untether from the drawing desk but still need to reference online images? We created Laptop mode to operate as a semi-private mobile work station so you're not desk-bound. The bag is designed for both sketchbooks and drawing tablets and sets up / packs away in the time it takes to unzip. I typically use Laptop mode so I can:

  • soak in the vibes of Melbourne's awesome cafes while working;
  • video conference clients and simultaneously take notes; and
  • have a bit of extra privacy when sketching in public.

Etchr Art Satchel in Laptop Mode Side On


I love the idea of digital plein air / life drawing with tablets but found it a bit of a pain in the proverbial behind to set up. You usually need a table to place your tablet, or you have to hold your tablet braced against your body which quickly makes it painful to hold, or you have to settle for some other non-ergonomic set-up such as placing it in your lap while you hunch over.

Our bag solves these 'long pose' issues, by easily carrying and attaching to a quick release camera tripod which takes seconds to set up and break down.

Even artists who don't usually work in easel mode have found it useful when needing to display their work at comic conventions where table space is at a premium.

Etchr Art Satchel setup for digital plein air


Tired of carrying your art gear in one bag and your everyday stuff in another? I was!

The Etchr Art Satchel is packed with art tool carry functionality but also has a bunch of general carry capability for work, school or an overnight trip. I usually carry my digital drawing tablet, a sketchbook, some drawing tools, a laptop and an iPad and when I am feeling guilty I even pack my gym gear in the expandable front pocket for good measure. For a longer trip or when its stacked with gear you can quickly switch into backpack mode using the same shoulder strap as you would in satchel mode.

Man wearing Etchr Art Satchel in backpack mode

NOTE: If you're interested in purchasing, we recently concluded our successful Kickstarter campaign and just opened our Pre-Order store - if you missed out on the KS campaign, our Pre-Order campaign is still offering some pretty sweet discounts!

We'll be releasing the new Etchr Art Satchel in August through our second Kickstarter campaign. Join our community of artists on the Early Bird List to be first to know when it launches so you can have first dibs on our awesome early bird giveaways!

You can also connect with us through our social media accounts and learn more about our mission, our journey and how our bag works for other types of artists on our Blog.

Thanks for reading and keep creating <3

Cheers, Daz (Founder, Etchr Lab).

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