How the Etchr Art Satchel Makes Urban Sketching a Breeze!

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Hi there, thanks for stopping by! We want to delve into how we designed our Etchr Art Satchel to solve some of the major pain points faced by urban sketch artists!

Before delving into the functionality, be sure to Join thousands of other artists on our Early Bird List to be among the first to know when our new bag launches on Kickstarter so you can stay in the know and get your hands on some awesome early bird giveaways.

As a professional Concept Artist, I loved taking a break and getting out and about with my drawing but often found the logistical process a pain. Fumbling around in my re-purposed bag for my art gear, setting up my work station and the arm fatigue and lack of mobility were all pain points that I sought to address with the Etchr Art Satchel.

We think we've come up with the answer! Read on and checkout some shots of Jaida with our latest prototype below : )

Girl Urban Sketching on the Etchr Art Satchel in a Cafe


To reduce arm fatigue and provide a stable drawing platform on the go, we created "supported mode". Our bag can work as a mobile drawing platform in both portrait and landscape format, either standing or sitting, without the aid of a tripod.

Girl sketching with Etchr Art Satchel in seated supported mode


Tired of lugging around an easel? For added stability and an instant workstation our bag easily carries and attaches to a quick release camera tripod to function as a work platform for both physical and digital mediums - think drawing and painting. Also works perfectly for life-drawing sessions.

Girl Sketching with Etchr Art Satchel in Easel Mode


When you're back at your desk, if you feel like referencing some images or a little more privacy while you work then you may find our "Laptop" mode useful. It sets up in seconds and breaks down just as fast so you're not wasting valuable art study time!

Etchr Art Satchel in Laptop Mode


Used to carrying two bags around when you've got your art gear? The Etchr Art Satchel has specialist art tool carry capabilities but also expands to offer plenty of room for more general items like books, laptops and digital tablets.

Etchr Art Satchel Internal Carry Capabilities

The storage and carry capability means that now you can carry your everyday gear alongside your art supplies and tools in the one bag - think everyday carry / overnight bag doubling as a specialized artist toolbox : )

Girl Carrying Etchr Art Satchel in Backpack Mode with Tripod

We went for a stylish yet adaptable look which we think makes our bag the perfect companion for work, travel and play.

Man carrying Etchr Art Satchel in Backpack Mode

We'll be releasing the new Etchr Art Satchel in August through our second Kickstarter campaign. Join our community of artists on the Early Bird List to be first to know when it launches so you can have first dibs on our awesome early bird giveaways!

You can also connect with us through our social media accounts and learn more about our mission, our journey and how our bag works for other types of artists on our Blog.

Thanks for reading and keep creating <3

Cheers, Daz (Founder, Etchr Lab).

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  • wow…what a great idea..hope it will not be too expensive so i can get one for my kids too…

    Nathalie on

  • Hi this is Jose Luciano would like to curious this awesomeness is sketched carrier this pack the bag ? of art traveler definitely. I better saving my money ? very careful to my balance for needs cleanings and needs but my EBT Food Stamp I earn them plus happiness I life a role model respect ✊? thank you and you will let me know this how much sketch carrier and easel and pack bag ? if I see this definitely Jose Luciano

    Jose Luciano on

  • I want one for my sister

    Laurie on

  • Something that l could see myself using on a regular basis….. impressed

    Gary Appleton on

  • Amazingess!!!

    Danny Colon on

  • What size tablet will fit? Will a Surface Pro 4 with a 12" screen fit?

    Patrick Burke on

  • This seems like just what I have been looking for. As a handicapped person, I think this will solve a lot of issues I have getting my stuff from A to B.

    MIchelle Robertson on

  • Ayo Ogolo: Thank you! If you’re interested in the Etchr bag, please be sure to sign up for our Early Bird mailing list. :)

    Mina Roy on

  • Karen Foo: Certainly! Be sure to sign up for our Early Bird mailing list to stay on top of all Etchr related news and announcements. :)

    Mina Roy on

  • Let me know how much and when available

    Karen Foo on