Pre-order Update 1: Manufacturing is Underway

Pre-order Update 1: Manufacturing is Underway

Hiya folks, Nomad Darren here with the first pre-order update to let you know how things are travelling.

Firstly, I just wanted to thank everyone who pre-ordered, you're helping Nomad to grow from a teeny-tiny company, into a slightly less teeny-tiny company! The Nomad pre-orders did exceptionally well in fact, that our sales volume attracted the scrutiny of Paypal's fraud team who froze our account while trying to figure out if we were Nigerian Prince scammers.

Thankfully, everything checked out and they re-instated our account with no further issues, although we've now migrated payment processing to Stripe to avoid this issue in future.

Christmas / Holidays Gift Postcard

Firstly, Christmas / end of year holidays are almost here! If you are one of the generous people who ordered a Nomad for a loved one and would like them to know their belated Christmas present is on it's way, please access the JPG or PDF below to print out or send: POSTCARD (PDF) POSTCARD (JPG)

Manufacturing in Progress

We thought the easiest way to visually represent where we are with production was to use a progress-bar. Take a look at the pic below, our current progression is represented by the white line:

PreOrder Progress Bar_1

After our official pre-order period, we signed the manufacturing purchase order a couple of weeks back and the components that make up the Nomad have been ordered and are arriving in factory as we speak.

Some components take a little longer than others (for instance the YKK zips due to their extreme popularity with clothing/accessories manufacturers) and assembly begins once everything is on location.

The tripod attachment plates which are manufactured by a separate company has already completed production and are en route to our bag manufacturer ready for insertion into the completed Nomads - the pics below are from the production.

IMG_2178 IMG_2174

At this point, our estimated manufacturing completion date is 15 January - but we will revise this and let you know if there is any change.

What happens after Production?

After manufacturing is completed, we enter into an intensive quality control period checking for faults which should last about a week.

When quality control is completed, we start the logistics phase where we ready the goods for shipping to our destination port, taxes are paid, customs is paid and associated paper work is squared away. 

The goods are then sent via sea freight to a US port, cleared from the port and then moved via land transportation to our fulfillment warehouse in San Francisco.

At this point in time, we'll also be sending out an email asking for finalization of your mailing addresses which may have changed since you first placed your order, we'll take any non-responses as confirmation that your mailing address has not changed.

Once the goods have been entered into the warehouse system, we begin processing orders - meaning your Nomads have their paperwork taken care of, your addresses printed & attached to each parcel and are then booked in with the postal service to send out. We estimate postage will happen in March 2016 - we will keep you up-to-date as we progress.


We've come to the end of the first update! I hope this has shed some light on where we are currently and answered questions you may have had. If you have any further queries, comments or just want to share your excitement, feel free to post in the comments section below and I'll be happy to respond.

Conversely if you want to email me directly, please don't hesitate to do so. We (ie. my Cat-overlord Jasper and I) truly appreciate your support and we hope to continue bringing cool new artist-centric products for years to come.

Catch ya soon.


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