New Kickstarter Campaign: Our Student-Grade Watercolour Launch!

New Kickstarter Campaign: Our Student-Grade Watercolour Launch!

Hello, and Happy New Year!

Ânia here again, this time with an exciting announcement to kick off 2020: Say hello to our very first student-grade watercolour set!

Keep reading to find out more about:

  • Our new Premium Student Series (and what else we have in the works);
  • Why watercolour pans;
  • ...our next Kickstarter campaign coming up in February!

Edit: The campaign ended. More details coming soon!

[ Baby Yoda wishes you a Happy New Year! ]


Our Premium Student Series

From our bags to our sketchbooks, so far our team have been focused on making the highest quality artist-grade materials.

We know our art supplies are out of reach for some but we’re not here to serve only those that can afford them. We’re here for artists of all walks of life - we’re here for you.

To stand true to this, we decided to take what we’ve learnt at the ultra-high end of town to deliver student-grade materials that we can be proud of, starting with watercolour paints.

[ Blending examples. Read more about watercolor techniques here. ]

Watercolour doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

If you want to get serious about mastering watercolour, then at some point you can’t skimp on materials - particularly the paper and paint.

The problem? Paint (and price) differs greatly between manufacturers. How do you even choose?! Unless you want to pay for a super expensive set from one of the ultra-premium paint brands, watercolour on a budget is… all over the place. It’s almost impossible to get a good set on your first try.

Trial and error is not only expensive but also disheartening – exactly what you don’t need when you’re just setting out on this journey!

We thought it was about time a brand took the guesswork out of paint selection to deliver simply the best student-grade watercolour paints directly to you.

We spent over a year sourcing watercolours from all over the world. We then put every paint through countless rounds of rigorous testing by our panel of professional watercolourists and instructors.

Finally, we hand-picked the best paints that would be priced in the ‘student-grade’ category and put together a set that achieves what we set out to do.

Our Student Grade Watercolours:

  • Come in a set of 24 hand-picked half pans;
  • Are highly transparent, allowing a wide array of techniques;
  • Have a good level of pigmentation - you’ll get a lot of colour with a single brushstroke;
  • Are easy to mix with water, allowing for smooth, broad brushstrokes;
  • Have great lightfastness levels - say hello to colours that endure sunlight!

I think it’s pretty safe to say that these paints each exhibit the key characteristics that will help you develop as an artist.

[ Below: example of a single yellow brushstroke. ]

When’s the launch?

We’re aiming to launch these watercolours through a Kickstarter campaign in February 2020.

If we succeed, all our backers will have their sets this Spring (Northern Hemisphere); and we hope to bring more sets to our online store shortly after!

Why Kickstarter?

We're a small team and the only way we can make a big launch in a new category like this is with your help.

With a big campaign, we will be able to prove to potential distributors that there's demand for hand-picked student grade watercolours. Being stocked by retailers around the world will make these so much more accessible. The more accessible, the more artists we can help on their artistic journey!

Please help us make some noise and fill the world with quality, fairly priced watercolour pans! No more guesswork!

[ Below: A quick sketch I made a the cafe while doing some more testing a while ago. ]

You said Premium Student Series…

Oh - great observation skills, my friend! We are planning on other student-grade products!

We’re currently testing other products and, if all goes well, we will have more goodies coming out just for you. ...soon!

Have any questions?

If you have any questions about our products, or ideas for new ones, just post them in the comment section below! We love hearing from you (and it makes me feel like I’m not writing to an empty sad void, so pleeeaaase help me out!?)

- Ânia 


Edit: The campaign ended. more details coming soon!

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