Etchr Watercolours: Early Bird Pricing, Kickstarter Launch Date, & Special Surprises!

Etchr Watercolours: Early Bird Pricing, Kickstarter Launch Date, & Special Surprises!

Hey! Ânia here with colourful updates, just for you...

Our FOURTH Kickstarter Campaign is drawing near! As we count down until launch day, we figured it’s about time to share the official launch date, Early Bird specials, and other surprises we have for you...

Edit: Our Watercolour Paints are HERE!

Kickstarter Launch Date

After a full year of preparation, we’re ready to announce the big date! This Kickstarter campaign will go live on...

Wednesday, February 19th (U.S. Time), and run until March 11th - that's a THREE week campaign!

We're still deciding on the exact launch time, which we will announce EXCLUSIVELY via our Early Bird List.

Edit: Our Watercolour Paints are HERE!

Early Bird Pricing & Pledge Options

Even though this is a pretty straightforward Kickstarter, we want to give you as many options as we possibly can. That’s why we created three different bundles to facilitate backing the project with friends as well as by yourself. Note we have put both Australian and US dollar pricing below. The reason is we're an Australian company and so our Kickstarter has to be priced in Australian dollars. If you're buying from the US or anywhere else in the world, you will pay in your local currency but the price may change just a little depending on the exchange rate:

One set to go!

[One set of 24 half pan watercolors]

Australian Dollar

AUD$49 [Early-Bird Price] + $15 shipping

AUD$59 [Normal Price] + $15 shipping

American Dollar

US$35 [Early-Bird Price] + $10 shipping

US$39 [Normal Price] + $10 shipping

Bring a friend!

[Two sets of 24 half pan watercolors]

Australian Dollar

AUD$109 + $25 shipping

American Dollar

US$69 + $15 shipping

Why not three?

[Three sets of 24 half pan watercolors]

Australian Dollar

AUD$149 + $30 shipping

American Dollar

US$99 + $20 shipping


Watercolour Quality Overview & Colour Swatches

Buying watercolours is often like playing the lottery unless you’re spending a lot of money on high-end Artist Grade pigment. The problem with Student Grade supplies is that you don't really know what you're getting (which ends up being expensive after a lot of trial and error).

We thought it was about time a brand created BY artists took the guesswork out of paint selection. That's why we spent over a year sourcing watercolours from all over the world.

We then put every paint through countless rounds of rigorous testing by our panel of professional watercolourists and instructors, to deliver simply the best Student Grade watercolour paints directly to you.

  • 24 hand-picked half pans with a wide variety of palette choices;
  • Highly transparent, semi-opaque, semi-transparent and opaque colours, allowing a wide array of techniques;
  • Easy to mix with water, allowing for smooth, broad brushstrokes;
  • Good level of pigmentation - you get a lot of colour with a single brushstroke.
  • Great lightfastness levels - say hello to colours that endure sunlight!
  • A stylish & sturdy metal box for easy travel and mixing

What is Lightfastness?

Lightfastness is the ability a dye or pigment has to endure light and retain its original colour over time. To sum it up, the better the level, the more resistant the colour is to fading when exposed to sunlight.

We conform to the Blue Wool Scale chart, which classifies lightfastness as listed below:

*Normal conditions of display: away from a window, under indirect sunlight and properly framed behind a UV protective glass.

For each colours' individual lightfastness level, please refer to the image below:

All our watercolours use Gum Arabic as the binding agent. As for details about transparency, pigment, or even colour names, we made this table for you:

Why Kickstarter?

We're a small team and the only way we can make a big launch in a new category like this is with your help.

With a big campaign, we will be able to prove to potential distributors that there is demand for hand-picked Student Grade watercolours. Being stocked by retailers around the world will make these so much more accessible. The more accessible, the more artists we can help on their artistic journey!

Please help us make some noise and fill the world with quality, fairly priced watercolour pans. No more guesswork!

Your Special Surprise

Stickers! All the stickers!

Everyone who backs our Kickstarter will receive this Etchr sticker collection:

 ...neat, uh? :D 

That’s all, folks!

As I mentioned above, we will be announcing our exact Kickstarter launch time EXCLUSIVELY via our Early Bird Mailing List (and newsletter).

Edit: Our Watercolour Paints are HERE!

Thanks for reading and for all your support! Take care of yourselves, take care of each other, and never stop creating <3


- Ânia

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