EP 128 :: Mike Hendley on Becoming a Better Artist

EP 128 :: Mike Hendley on Becoming a Better Artist

What makes someone an artist? Is art exclusively human?

Despite coming from a tech background, Mike Hendley, creator of the Drawing Inspiration podcast, realised later in life that he had always been an artist. So, he took the plunge. Join us today as we take a deep dive into Mike's creative journey and discuss:

  • How Mike stays creative;
  • Failure as an opportunity to try new things;
  • Learning alone Vs from others;
  • How teaching makes you a better Artist;
  • …and Mike's upcoming drawing course with Etchr!


        Listen to Mike's interview:
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        Check out Mike's Inktober piece:

        What's your Medium of choice?

        And how likely are you try new ones? Let us know in the documents section below! 




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