EP 131 :: From Hobbyist to Master with Johannes Vloothuis

EP 131 :: From Hobbyist to Master with Johannes Vloothuis

A pioneer in online art teaching, Johannes Vloothuis went from being an art hobbyist who enjoyed painting by numbers at the age of 35 to a Master of multiple mediums with over 20 years of art teaching experience.

…How did this all happen?

This interview is very special. I urge you to watch the video version of this interview, where Johannes gives us a free lecture that is bound to change the way you make and see art.

Aside from Johannes’ journey present in the audio only version of this interview, the video interview also includes:

  • The main secrets to making great art (regardless of the medium);
  • Why nature is not a good reference;
  • How your execution depends on how big you’re painting;
  • Why you should paint what you know and not what you see.


        Listen to Johannes' audio interview:
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          Join us and Johannes for a FREE class!

          Join us on Sep 7th, 12pm ET for a FREE class with Johannes. We will paint a shoreline scene in acrylics, and from beginners to more advanced artists, everyone is invited to join!




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