EP 130 :: Pedro Loureiro & The Road to Becoming an Art Teacher

EP 130 :: Pedro Loureiro & The Road to Becoming an Art Teacher

In part 1 of this episode, recorded in 2020, we got to know Pedro Loureiro - a Portuguese artist and teacher who started by becoming an architect. After leaving Portugal during a recession, he and his partner moved to Sweden to try a new life while rediscovering his love for art. Pedro returned to his home country two years later and started working as an artist at an architecture firm.

Today, in Part 2, we catch up with Pedro and talk about:

  • Pedro's journey to becoming the incredible art teacher he is today;
  • The difference between making art and teaching it;
  • How Pedro keeps his creative life while tending to his full-time job and family (especially after becoming a father), and;
  • Insights on Pedro's new and upcoming courses on Figure Drawing!


        Listen to Pedro's interview:
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        How do YOU make time for art?

        I'll be honest... I keep on struggling ever since I became a mom. Have you ever had to figure out how to return to art-making after a significant life change?

        Let us know in the documents section below! 




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