E61 :: Mike Brennan & How Art Brings Us Together

E61 :: Mike Brennan & How Art Brings Us Together

Mike Brennan, a Graphic Designer by trade, went from a going on a giant pause in drawing to getting back to it every day, for 9 years straight.

…and that shift pretty much saved his life.

If you’d like to hear his story, then join us as we discuss: 

  • Art as a tool to overcome depression;
  • Why you can’t “find” balance;
  • What it means to be a “real” artist;
  • Bringing in the traditional feel to digital art;
  • …and tips to get you to Make More Art!

Listen to Mike's interview:

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    When was the last time art made you, or a friend, smile?

    Let us know you in the comments section below!

    - Ânia

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