E28 :: Brynn Metheney & Finding Your Passion Through Art

E28 :: Brynn Metheney & Finding Your Passion Through Art

Wizards of the Coast, Warner Bros, Disney, Sony, Bethesda….

Brynn Metheney is a top reference when it comes to animal and creature design, world building and anatomy. When everyone told her to broaden her focus, she chose to keep it on what she loved the most. #legend

I’m sure Dungeons and Dragons is thankful for that (I sure am!).

Join us today as we discuss:

  • How to fight social media toxicity;
  • Why stories are essential to humanity;
  • How to avoid the ‘art downward spiral’;
  • ….and the best kept secret to unlock the special skill: draw ALL animals!

>> Join Brynn for a Free Live Demo on Friday the 20th at 9am LA time!

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