EP 126 :: CassyDraws & Learning to Love Acrylics

EP 126 :: CassyDraws & Learning to Love Acrylics

What would you do if your health kept you from making Art?

From a raving fan of The Lion King to becoming a professional acrylic artist, streamer, and art teacher, CassyDraws (Ontario, Canada) went through an unconventional journey to get where she is today. However, did you know she had no choice but to paint with acrylic? ...And that she hated it at first? 

Join us as we discuss:

  • Why you should try acrylics;
  • How Martial Arts taught Cassy how to teach;
  • How to be a good teacher;
  • …and inside info on her new course with Etchr: Introduction to Acrylic!


        Listen to Cassy's interview:

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