EP 125 :: Susan Hensel & The Thought Process Behind Art

EP 125 :: Susan Hensel & The Thought Process Behind Art

Susan Hensel has more than five decades of experience as a multi-disciplinary artist, creating works in painting, sculpture, and textile embroidery across both digital and manual platforms.


As an artist and curator, Susan Hensel operates her own gallery, providing audiences and art enthusiasts with a rich and immersive experience that incorporates both her artwork and her vast knowledge of art practices.
During this episode, we explore the diverse facets of art, offering a fresh perspective that will expand your understanding of the limitless potential that art can offer.


Susan talks about:
  • How Donald Duck shifted her artistic path
  • Why color is an integral part of an art
  • How to use techniques and strategies to express your ideas
  • Why digital art is a medium any artist should explore
  • How to get started with Textile embroidery
  • A glimpse of how to run a gallery
  • Building the foundation to share your art with an audience
  • Creating value-added products through art


              Listen to Susan's interview: 

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