E19 :: Justin Donaldson &  Building a Social Media Presence

E19 :: Justin Donaldson & Building a Social Media Presence

Gouache lover Justin Donaldson is widely famous for his gorgeous "Zelda - Breath Of The Wild" landscape paintings. However, gouache wasn’t always his favourite medium… And he wasn’t always famous.

How did all of that happen?

Join us today as we discuss:

  • Why art skills aren’t everything;
  • Pros and cons of oil painting;
  • Why being an artist is selfish;
  • …and the time when Justin hated gouache.

Listen to Justin's interview:

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    - Ânia

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    This was great. I discovered Justin from a Nicker Instagram store and loved his work. he was what I’d been looking for for several months since starting to explore gouache and poster color. I’m about to start his landscape course in a couple weeks. This interview did a great job of filling in some missing information about his background and path to where he is currently.
    Etchr Lab replied:
    Justin is truly inspiring! 🖌️ We’re glad you enjoyed listening to this episode! 🧡

    Dave Astels

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