E03 :: Erwin Lian & The Value of Art as a Hobby

E03 :: Erwin Lian & The Value of Art as a Hobby

Erwin Lian is a professional artist, teacher AND the genius behind The Perfect Sketchbook - an outstanding sketchbook made for watercolour painting. After travelling around the globe to learn, paint, and create his famous sketchbooks, Erwin partnered up with Etchr.

Now, you can find his sketchbooks for sale in our online store AND you can also take his online classes through our platform.

Join us today as we talk about:

  • What’s stopping you from levelling up your art skills;
  • Why watercolour can be so frustrating to learn (and teach!);
  • Erwin’s thought process behind picking an art career;
  • Why failure is essential to your artistic growth.

Listen to Erwin's interview:

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When was the last time a setback set you forward?

Erwin talked to us about how his failures led him to the path he's at today. What about you? When was the last time that you learned from failure? 

Please share your story in the comments section below!

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