E02 :: Cindy Barillet & Going From Hobbyist to Pro Artist

  • by Ania Marcos

Cindy Barillet is a french professional artist and teacher, who specializes in animal portraits. Proficient in watercolour, soft pastels and gouache, Cindy also uploads weekly Youtube videos filled with useful art tips to help you improve your craft!

But… how does she find the time for everything?

Join us today as we talk about:

  • Going from hobbyist to professional artist;
  • How to trick yourself into creating more (even when you feel like you can’t);
  • ...and Cindy’s secret to drawing in your sketchbook every . single . day.

Listen to Cindy's interview:

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Favourite art subject?

Cindy allied her passion for animals with her art, building herself a solid career plan. What is your favorite art subject? Would you see yourself making profit or even a career out of it? 

Share your story in the comments section below!

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- Ânia

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