E75 :: Fiona Di Pinto & Capturing Emotions through Watercolour Portraits

  • by Ania Marcos
Capturing Emotions and Expressions, are the guiding words of Fiona di Pinto as she tries to capture the human soul through her expressive watercolour portraits. Her recent workshops are a massive success and more and more people are inspired to kick start their watercolour journey through her step by step process.
Join us as we dive into :
  • The most overlooked tip in watercolour painting
  • The quickest way to kick start your watercolour journey
  • Delicate balance of control and letting go in watercolour
  • How to capture human emotions through art
  • The biggest roadblock to achieving your desired style in watercolour
  • The importance of consistency and dedication in defining your style of painting
  • The ugly phase of watercolour and why you shouldn’t bin your art work.

        Listen to Fiona's interview:

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