E76 :: Clarice Gomes & Showing up Authentically Through Art

E76 :: Clarice Gomes & Showing up Authentically Through Art

The whole pandemic taught us to adapt and pivot. Clarice Gomes is an artist who did more than just adapt. She started a journey and created a community solely dedicated to making art and creating authentic connections. She took it further and made a fun and therapeutic experience for people who would like to learn watercolour.

In this episode, you’ll hear us talk about :

  • Giving back to the community by building connections through art.
  • Showing up without edits and embracing your true self while sharing your skills and gifts
  • The question we should ask ourselves when we are in a creative rut. 
  • Living off the edge to do something you’re passionate about and what you thought was impossible.
  • How a shift in mindset can open the doors of creativity to benefit others
  • How to address burnout and what to do when you are on the verge of it.

        Listen to Clarice's interview:

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        It was such a pleasure to be on with you guys. Thank you 💕
        Etchr Lab replied:
        You’re awesome, Clarice!! 🥳

        Clarice Gomes

        Amazing interview!
        Etchr Lab replied:
        Thanks for tuning in, Patti! 🧡


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