E77 :: Darren Yeo & The Psychology in Art

E77 :: Darren Yeo & The Psychology in Art

Are you the type of artist who has explored different mediums? Our guest, Darren Yeo, tried clay, had an exhibit and was recognized as a sculptor before moving onto watercolour. Fast forward to 2020, during the lockdown, he created a community of 100,000 hobbyist watercolour enthusiasts. 

Tune in to hear more about: 

  • Watercolour is both an unforgiving medium and a life lesson
  • Essential tips for getting started with watercolour 
  • Learning and unlearning techniques to achieve the style you want
  • Why you don’t have to wait for inspiration to get started with art 
  • How one can tie in everything in life with art
  • Having a growth mindset about creativity

        Listen to Darren's interview:

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