E78 :: Tina Hotchkiss & The Heart of Teaching Art

E78 :: Tina Hotchkiss & The Heart of Teaching Art

Teaching may not be everyone’s cup of tea but, when artist Tina Hotchkiss was asked to teach kids, the experience literally changed her life. She found herself drawn to sharing more of her skills and the sheer joy of making art. She started with cardboard box cutouts with her children, and now she shares her experience and gifts with kids and people of all ages.

Listen to us discuss:

  • Art as a continuous journey of learning
  • The misperception of acquired talent vs skill 
  • A tip that will shift your perspective about teaching
  • The 3 Ds to remember when starting something new
  • Pros and cons of having your work displayed in a museum or gallery
  • Why perspective is an essential element in art. 

        Listen to Tina's interview:

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