E48 :: Francesca Possati & Therapy Through Art

  • by Ania Marcos

Francesca Possati is an Italian artist that only became an artist 2 years ago, after moving to the UK and rediscovering her passion while being an health assistant.

Seems confusing? 

What if I told you that art helped save the lives of her patients, and also brought the passion back to her after a 10 year break?

Join us today as we talk about:

  • How art can save lives;
  • Getting better at one art medium by painting with another;
  • How realistic art is more than “just a copy” of a photo;
  • …and advice about getting started in art from scratch!

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      Has art ever helped you go through a tough time?

      Please let us know your stories in the comments section below!

      - Ânia

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