E103 :: Mirka Hokkanen & How to be Successful with Your Art Goals

  • by Ania Marcos

Mirka Hokkanen is a mom, full-time artist, author, and military wife who travels from one country to another. She juggles her time between illustrating, creating her upcoming book(s), and homeschooling.Apart from all of these artistic responsibilities, Mirka somehow still finds the energy to teach and plan for her exhibits halfway across the world.I had to interview her to find out how she does all that.

Join us today as we talk about :

  • Goal setting and why it is a two-fold endeavor
  • A technique that will help you ace your animal illustration
  • Why you don’t need to wait for inspiration to come
  • How important are narrative and storyline to each art piece
  • ..and an insider peek at her life as a military wife and artist

Listen to Mirka's interview:

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