E102 :: Kyle Legaspi & Finding a Sense of Belonging in Art

E102 :: Kyle Legaspi & Finding a Sense of Belonging in Art

Kyle Legaspi mastered the art of portraits landing her a successful career and a plethora of exhibits under her name. Kyle is the living impersonation of what it was to pursue a passion in a culture where art is perceived mainly as a hobby. How did a pre-med graduate and a corporate analyst found her way back to where her heart calls home?

Join us today as we talk more about the art journey of

  • How to get your work into galleries;
  • The kickstarter step to drawing faces
  • Behind the scene footage as a must for your socials
  • …and the definition of edge control in watercolor

Listen to Kyle's interview:

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Love this episode, resonated with my own art journey. Thank you Kyle and Etchr!


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