E101 :: Róisín Curé & Redefining Your Confidence in Making Art

E101 :: Róisín Curé & Redefining Your Confidence in Making Art

Róisín Curé is an Irish artist and author of 3 best-selling books. Went from being obsessed with 16th-century artists at the age of 7, a popular kid winning art contests, to someone whose artworks and manuscripts were rejected countless times. A roller coaster ride of highs and lows, YESs, and NOs.
How did she remain confident in pursuing art and serving the community through teaching, despite circumstances and people telling her to think otherwise?
If you’d like to hear her story, then join us as we discuss:
  • Finding your own unique voice in art
  • Getting over rejection and embracing failures
  • Writing and drawing as a perfect combo one should pursue
  • Art as an essential pillar of human connection
  • And why losing students in an art class is her measure for success.


      Listen to Róisín's interview:

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