E100 :: Reflecting on the Past and a Glimpse Into the Future

E100 :: Reflecting on the Past and a Glimpse Into the Future

We have reached our 100th episode here on Make More Art and we are celebrating! What a milestone to share with our listeners and community who have shown such immense support for the past 99 episodes We are overwhelmed and grateful for the beautiful and heartfelt messages, reviews, and comments people sent from all over the world, describing things they have enjoyed and learned from the podcast. For this episode, we’ve collected highlights from your fan favorites. So we hope you enjoy this compilation.

  • Alan Ramiro is a seasoned urban sketcher with a penchant for traveling. In this episode, he shares about 3 things he learned as he navigates through his artistic journey.
  • Art can be intimidating for others so, in this episode with Portuguese Artist, Pedro Loureiro, we asked him to share actionable techniques that will build your confidence in sketching.
  • Rejection is a universally relatable experience. In this episode, Sandy Allnock shares a powerful story that will help us navigate through deep-seated wounds and one that will empower us to carry on with our passions.
  • “Capturing emotions and expressions” are the guiding words for Fiona di Pinto as she paints the human soul through her expressive watercolour portraits. In this episode, she talks about the magic of letting go in art
  • John Harrison is a drummer at heart with the soul of an artist. The two creative paths complement each other in a beautiful way that makes his artwork pop. In this episode, John shares about freedom in doing art. How each work is different and your artwork is unique as your handwriting.
  • Juan Ian is an artist who seeks to forge his way through art by creating an experience for his audience. A believer that art is the universal language, he shares the bond and a dance created by the artist and the observer of the artwork.
  • Burnout is a hot topic in the creative community. In Episode 40, we asked artist Julia Blattman about her experience and how she overcomes artistic burnout while juggling between freelancing and her full-time job. Watch till the end and you just might see an appearance of an adorable baby.
  • Consistency is one of my biggest takeaways from this interview with artist Max McGee. Listen as he shares the importance of making time for doing what you love.
  • From having everything going wrong after moving across the country to focus on his art, to becoming a TikTok sensation, Nicholas Holman’s story is bound to inspire you - no matter at what stage in your journey you’re at.
  • What if you are more than just one thing? What if you're a writer and also an artist? In EP 68: Amy Stewart, artist, and NY bestseller shared her insights about embracing your true artist self. I asked her if it’s okay to switch lanes when the world is expecting you to flourish in just one.
  • If you want to know the brainchild of this podcast, then episode 50 will take you through the journey. Ânia Marcos is an Artist, creator, teacher, and a person you want to have as a mentor in your life. Listen to her Etchr story, her interview process, and as she shines a new light on why art has the power to make the world a better place.

It has been my privilege to join you week after week on your car radios, in your earbuds, while painting, doing your laundry, cooking, or perhaps while doing your morning run. I’m beyond grateful for this platform that has been such a fun, creative outlet for me, but most of this is Etchr’s way to serve and support you through tips, tricks, and even life lessons shared by our guest artists. You inspire us every day to create new content, devise strategies, and find ways to prove that anyone can make art.

Thanks again for listening, subscribing, sharing, and letting us know how we can serve you better.


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