E07 :: Jun-Pierre Shiozawa & Pursuing Your Creative Purpose

E07 :: Jun-Pierre Shiozawa & Pursuing Your Creative Purpose

Jun-Pierre Shiozawa is an artist and art educator who has travelled the world to study and teach his own painting workshops. Between America, Europe and Asia, Jun turned challenges into opportunities, shaping his own creative path along the way.

Join us today as we talk about:

  • How to cause desired life-changing events;
  • Finding your purpose in times of self-doubt;
  • ...and Jun’s number one tip to improving your art, without even picking up a pencil!

Listen to Jun's interview:

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Let's try something out...

Jun-Pierre explained how verbalising your process helps with art-making.

Have you tried explaining something out loud to a fellow artist? How did that go?

Share your story with us in the comments section below!

- Ânia

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