EP 83 :: Max McGee & The Value of Consistency in Art

E83 :: Max McGee & The Value of Consistency in Art

At the onset of pandemic, people gravitated towards different things to cope. Some played and acted upon the idea of learning something new. Our guest artist, Max Mcgee is excellent at what he does - Urban Sketching. One probably wont guess that his journey started a year ago and it was birthed from the desire to come out of this season equipped with a new skill.

In this episode, Listen as Max talks about :

  • One day, One drawing challenge.
  • Why doodling isn’t a bad thing. 
  • How to get your hands calm while drawing or sketching
  • The different ways you can gather inspiration 
  • The secret to learning any kind of medium
  • Why having an instructor as your guide will benefit you in the long run
  • The technique to approaching Sketching/drawing

          Listen to Max's interview:

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