E17 :: Melibertine & Improving Your Plein-Air Artwork

E17 :: Melibertine & Improving Your Plein-Air Artwork

Eleanor Mill (AKA Melibertine) is a realist artist who loves to travel and to portray her favourite locations through her art. Though realistic, Melibertine brings plenty of emotion and creative solutions to her breath taking plein-air work.  

She and I got together, and the result was a full on rant on the point of art in today’s lives!

That said, please join us as we discuss:

  • Different ways to approach Plein-air painting
  • How to bring life into your landscape drawings
  • ...and a full on rant about why art is essential and irreplaceable on today’s world!

Listen to Melibertine's interview:

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    Why does art matter to you?

    Share your opinion in the comments section below!

    - Ânia

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