E36 :: David Morales & Finding Inspiration In the Ordinary

E36 :: David Morales & Finding Inspiration In the Ordinary

David Morales is an artist whose roots in architecture provided him with a super solid foundation - and a unique art style. With decades of experience using fineliners, David started his “Sketch a Day” challenge on January 2018, and hasn’t stopped ever since.

Want to know how he made it?

Join us today as we talk about:

  • Understanding values from colour;
  • How art is a time machine;
  • Using Social Media in a positive way;
  • Meditating through art;
  • Tips on finding out what to draw every day!

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    Listen to David's interview:

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      How do you 'meditate'?

      David uses art to let go of the business of life and focus on the moment. What kind of activity allows you to do that?

      Please let us know in the comments section below!

      - Ânia

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