E45 :: Pedro Loureiro & Combining Different Art Skills

E45 :: Pedro Loureiro & Combining Different Art Skills

Pedro Loureiro is a Portuguese artist with a background on architecture. He has, like many architects, an amazing line quality to his work - especially urban pieces. However, his watercolour painting skills and his knowledge of the human figure are also incredible…

If you are intrigued by how he combines a variety of skills, please join us as we discuss:

  • The role of “unrelated” art skills in your growth;
  • How style comes to life;
  • Practical exercises to improve your observational drawing skills;
  • What to do when you don’t feel like drawing;
  • Dealing with the imposter syndrome:
  • …and tips on getting started with watercolour!

    Listen to Pedro's interview:

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    >> Watch on Youtube to see Pedro and Ânia!


    Bonus: Pedro drew this image of me as we were chatting. What better way to demonstrate what he meant in the interview? 


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