E63 :: Stephanie Fowler & The Role of Mess in Creativity

E63 :: Stephanie Fowler & The Role of Mess in Creativity

Stephanie Fowler, known as @designbystlight on Instagram is an artist with a heart for 2 (two) things : Sketching and capoeira. With an architecture background, she took a break and came back strong with fashion illustration and eventually transitioned to urban sketching. 
Get to know her as we dive into her process, her love for capoeira and how creating for yourself can be an ultimate source of joy.
Listen in as we discuss : 
  • Breaking up with your ruler and playing with perspectives
  • Why starting small and making a mess is good starting point.
  • Perfect painting isn’t always without a trace of a brushstroke
  • Having a beginner’s mindset and how to keep going.

Listen to Stephanie's interview:

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