E64 :: Annette Morris & How to Live the Artistic Dream

E64 :: Annette Morris & How to Live the Artistic Dream

Growing up in an environment which fosters creativity, Annette of @annettemorris.art discovered art at an early age. Her passion has grown and she has discovered different facets of creativity which led her to embrace art fully with a decision to live the artistic dream, where else but in the South of France.
Listen as we deep dive into her journey as an artist.
  • How teaching became an integral part of her growth;
  • Building community to celebrate creativity;
  • Granting a safe space for artists to express themselves;
  • “Bin” sketchbook is a must-have;
  • How crafting and telling stories become instrumental in drawing;
  • Capturing moments, emotions through art;

Listen to Annette's interview:

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